Nearly 20% of passwords are compromised |

The newest Dashlane report based on millions of anonymous data points reveals a concerning reality: globally, over half of the passwords are reused. And that’s not even all.

According to Dashlane’s research, the average password health score globally falls within the “needs improvement” range, meaning that passwords might be weak, compromised, or reused.

With over 51% of passwords being reused, this spells doom to most average consumers. With an average person in the US having around 70 to 80 online accounts, one compromised password could lead to dozens of hacked accounts.

And there are compromised passwords, over 20% according to Dashlane. The report rightfully finds that very concerning.

Securing passwords is a critical part of staying secure online these days and Gediminas Brencius, a cybersecurity expert from NordPass thinks that if you can remember your passwords, it’s not strong enough.

If your password is one of the most often used ones, I’m afraid even that will not help. Cybernews has documented the most commonly used passwords, so make sure that yours are not part of that list.

More and more passwords and accounts are getting compromised everyday. Just don’t be part of those, take care of yourselves, every little thing matters.