What Is Dark Web & How To Access Dark Web Safely In 2022?

Is the dark web (not to be confused with deep web) as scary as it sounds? If you take some safety measures, like use best VPN, there is almost nothing to worry about. Learn how to access dark web safely in 2022 and what it is?

Listen, if you’re looking to access the dark web – it isn’t as straightforward as Googling something, it requires specific software. I’m going to show you an easy tutorial on how to access dark web sites, but I’ll give some tips on how to make it a secure and streamlined process.


❗ Dangers of the Dark Web

For instance, if you expose your IP address on the dark web, you could be handing out personal information to eavesdroppers and cybercriminals.

Another important thing – the Dark Web is equally riddled with phishing websites, one wrong click can land your device being hijacked by ransomware or other serious threats. What I’m saying is, if you’re wondering ‘what is dark web’ or why is it so hard to access, there’s a serious reason why you have to jump through hoops.


❗ Preparations to access the dark web

💥 Cllose all of the apps you have running on your device and download a non-conventional browser. I’m gonna go with the Onion Router for this tutorial, aka, TOR.

💥 Make sure you have a reliable antivirus already installed that has real-time protection. I have loads of recommendations on this channel, but I’m currently using Bitdefender.

💥 Connect to a server from a reliable VPN, if you don’t want your ISP to know you’re using the TOR network. I am using Surfshark right now, it works really well in conjunction with the Tor browser.

💥 Tweak your Tor configuration in the default settings, and rank that security slider up to high. What this will do is disable javascript, making sure you won’t become a victim to particular tracking.